Potential Clients Can Now Access Ben Moskel’s Attorney Profile on Avvo

Ben Moskel created a membership with Avvo so that potential clients can research Ben Moskel’s experience as an attorney.

Ben Moskel, an attorney from Pittsford, New York, created a membership profile on Avvo.com, an online directory for attorneys and law firms.

Avvo is a large database of attorneys in the United States. Potential clients can see the work history and experience of attorneys, search for attorneys who handle specific niche case types, compare attorneys, and more.

Ben Moskel understands that it is important to provide transparency for people who are in need of legal expertise. “It is a major decision for people, explains Ben. A person’s attorney may singlehandedly determine the outcome of a case or legal situation.”

Ben Moskel further explains that it is important that a potential client know how to find an attorney who is qualified to handle your case. “You want to avoid a situation where you are hiring the first lawyer you consult with because you are in a hurry. Ideally you should consult with at least two lawyers before making a decision,” explains Ben.

Ben says that you should ask lots of questions so you are comfortable with your decision. “Price is one factor that you will have to consider. However, there are other things to look for. Don’t be afraid to ask about similar cases he or she has handled and what those outcomes were,” states Ben.

“Also, the personality of your attorney makes a difference in your stress level during your case. Law is about resolving conflict and conflict is inherently stressful. It does you no good if your lawyer is adding to your stress because they speak to you in a condescending or threatening manner, something many attorneys do,” Ben explains.

Ben Moskel listed his work and educational history on Avvo. He graduated from the University at Buffalo and has experience working in criminal and civil litigation. His attorney experience includes working as an associate at Hamberger and Weiss.

To see Ben Moskel’s profile simply go to Avvo.com and search for “Ben Moskel.”

Media Contact
Company Name: Apex Next LLC
Contact Person: Ben Moskel
Email: Send Email
Phone: 833-387-7575
Address:1151 Pittsford-Victor Road
City: Pittsford
State: New York
Country: United States
Website: www.apexnext.com

Ben Moskel to Host Educational Marketing Workshop for Attorneys and Legal Professionals

Ben Moskel, President of Apex Next, will host an educational marketing event for attorneys and legal professionals.


During this informal free workshop Ben Moskel will explain new online strategies that attorneys and law firms can use to grow their business. The strategies focus on acquiring new clients and apply to nearly any firm regardless of its specialty area.


“When a person needs legal help they often begin research on the Internet. They may know that they need an attorney and make their decision based upon what they find in the search engine results and on the attorney or law firm’s company website.”

The Internet is certainly competitive in this field, but smart attorneys who want to use digital channels to grow and sustain their business can take advantage of many new marketing channels that are perfect for acquiring new clients.


Ben Moskel will demonstrate the various marketing channels, some of which are very new, and provide a brief overview tutorial on how an attorney or legal professional can use them effectively.


Three main marketing channels will be covered at the event: (1) Search Engine Marketing for Attorneys and Legal Professionals; (2) Display Advertising including Google display, Native display advertising and; and (3) Gmail and Remarketing.


Ben Moskel’s core business is in digital marketing and client acquisition for non-legal corporations.  However, he is a licensed attorney and has experience working for small and medium size private law firms. Although he current legal practice is limited to pro bono work, Ben understands many of the challenges in operating a law firm and particularly in client acquisition while complying with the attorney advertising rules and parameters.


Search engine marketing remains one of the most powerful and efficient ways to acquire a brand new client. It is a perfect channel for an attorney who focuses on any niche service where time is of the essence. “For example, think about a lawyer who limits his or her practice to criminal and specifically, DWI cases. Someone charged with DWI may immediately jump online to research hiring an attorney. That is somebody who you want to make sure you’re in front of and make a good impression online. Do those things correctly and you can acquire a steady stream of new clients,” says Ben.

There are many ways to do this the wrong way, Ben warns.  “There are many moving parts. It’s not as easy as it was 10 years ago because there is more competition.” Ben Moskel will show you those pitfalls and mistakes and how to do this correctly during the informational workshop.

In addition, Ben Moskel will provide a tutorial on display advertising, including native advertising, gmail marketing, and remarketing on display networks. “Display advertising is the most powerful, inexpensive, and overlooked online channel,” Ben explains.  “It many times where you get the biggest bang for your buck.” It’s also inexpensive. “Even a new attorney going out on his or her own with a shoestring budget can use display marketing to build up a client base in a very short period of time for very little money,” Ben further explains.

Ben Moskel will be covering both fundamental and advanced strategies relating to these marketing channels at the upcoming free workshop.

This event is free to attend.  It will be held at The Powder Mills Office Park in Pittsford, located approximately two miles north of the Eastview Mall.  Guests are encouraged to bring an employee, co-worker or business partner.  To reserve your spot and get full details, simply send an email to: ben@apexnext.com.


Company Name: Apex Next LLC
Contact Person: Ben Moskel
Email: ben@apexnext.com
Phone: 833-387-7575
Address:1151 Pittsford-Victor Road
City: Pittsford
State: New York
Country: United States
Website: www.apexnext.com

Ben Moskel – What To Look For In An Email Marketing Service

Are you looking to choose an email service? What  is the best service to use to communicate with your following?

Because email is a top revenue generator, you want to choose wisely and not make a decision based solely on price.  Priority one is getting your emails delivered and  to inbox.

Ben Moskel

ESPs like Yahoo! and Gmail look at a sender’s IP address when determining whether an email  is legitimate or spam.

Typically you will share an IP address with dozens of other senders. One sender who is spamming  could poison the IP for everyone else.

That is why it’s important that your email marketing company vets each customer and is very strict about enforcing email marketing practices.

Ben Moskel

You can use a tool called “Sender Score” to see the reputation of the IP that your sending  from.  If you have a score that is less than 95, there’s a good chance you are not inboxing as well  as you could.

In my experience Constant Contact typically  co-mingles your domain with low quality senders.  This compromises your domain’s reputation  and reduces your inbox rate.

On the other hand, iContact’s IP addresses are typically extremely clean.  This is especially true with their Pro account.  Their Pro account  is much more expensive, sometimes as much as $10,000 a year for a medium volume sender,  but worth it if email is one of your top marketing revenue channels.

Ben Moskel Customer Acquisition Expert

Ben Moskel was a three sport varsity athlete in high school at Williamsville South High. Ben earned a starting
position on the Basketball team in his junior and senior year.

In his junior year their team made it to the Section Finals where they lost by a close margin in overtime.

Ben holds the school record for the single game
highest shooting percentage by shooting 100% from the field, going 1 for 1 from three point range and 8 for 8 from the field.

Ben Moskel ran Division I track and field and cross country for the University at Buffalo, earning a
partial scholarship for his Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years.

In his sophomore year he set the school record
in the 4×800 Meter relay and in his junior year held the school record in the 800 Meter run indoors.