Ben Moskel – What To Look For In An Email Marketing Service

Are you looking to choose an email service? What  is the best service to use to communicate with your following?

Because email is a top revenue generator, you want to choose wisely and not make a decision based solely on price.  Priority one is getting your emails delivered and  to inbox.

Ben Moskel

ESPs like Yahoo! and Gmail look at a sender’s IP address when determining whether an email  is legitimate or spam.

Typically you will share an IP address with dozens of other senders. One sender who is spamming  could poison the IP for everyone else.

That is why it’s important that your email marketing company vets each customer and is very strict about enforcing email marketing practices.

Ben Moskel

You can use a tool called “Sender Score” to see the reputation of the IP that your sending  from.  If you have a score that is less than 95, there’s a good chance you are not inboxing as well  as you could.

In my experience Constant Contact typically  co-mingles your domain with low quality senders.  This compromises your domain’s reputation  and reduces your inbox rate.

On the other hand, iContact’s IP addresses are typically extremely clean.  This is especially true with their Pro account.  Their Pro account  is much more expensive, sometimes as much as $10,000 a year for a medium volume sender,  but worth it if email is one of your top marketing revenue channels.